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Value Creation

Demonstrated track record built over 23+ years


Core Operating Principles

Our expertise is in helping entrepreneurial, growth-oriented businesses accelerate their growth trajectory.

Maintain Culture

We balance two critical goals: the ability to unlock unrealized growth potential while maintaining the culture and factors that made your business so successful in the first place.

Target High-Growth Situations

We invest in companies that can at least double, if not triple or more in value, in a three to five-year period. This growth typically results from a combination of management ambition and industry opportunity.

Establish True Partnerships

Establish True Partnerships

We are an experienced partner and a great cultural fit for founders and family-owned businesses. Typically (although not always), we are a company's first institutional capital partner, and we are proud of our "founder-friendly" reputation.

Value Creation Playbook

We act as a catalyst to drive transformational growth through strategic investments in people, capabilities and foundational infrastructure. Our “playbook” typically includes some combination of the following key levers:

We seek to partner with teams that have the innate talent and desire to take the company to the next level. With this core leadership in place, we typically augment the team with incremental talent to bring additional depth and functional expertise.

We believe every successful growth plan requires a strong foundation in information systems and processes. Strong financial and operational systems give leadership the ability to measure and manage the businesses effectively and enable faster scaling and more aggressive investment in growth opportunities.

We seek to accelerate the company’s historical rate of growth and enhance competitive differentiation by investing in new capabilities, new products and services and de novo or greenfield expansion in new markets or geographies.

Often (but not always) acquisitions can be an effective way to add new capabilities and expand into new markets, but doing so successfully requires focusing on true value-enhancing opportunities with a strong cultural fit and also executing an effective integration. In some cases, one or two key strategic acquisitions can transform a company; in other cases serial acquisition strategies are appropriate to consolidate a highly fragmented market.

Our Results

On average, our realized investments have increased EBITDA by nearly 3x. Under our ownership, these companies have become industry leaders with a sustainable path for growth.

Buy & Build Strategies
  • EBITDA Growth
  • Acquisitions
  • Sites Acquired / De Novo
  • 7.1x
  • 4
  • 14/22
  • 2.0x
  • 10
  • 11/2
  • 8.3x
  • 10
  • 40/26
  • 3.1x
  • 3
  • 3/5
  • 2.2x
  • 5
  • 5/0
  • 5.7x
  • 15
  • 58/0
Organic Strategies
  • EBITDA Growth
  • Increase Capacity
  • Develop New Products / Services
  • Expanding Sales & Distribution
  • Enter New Markets
  • Brand Building
  • 1.9x
  • 2.8x
  • 3.4x
  • 1.7x

Transaction Types

In addition to driving growth, we have the flexibility to structure transactions to meet other important objectives, such as:

Founder Transition

Building a sustainable leadership team to ensure the founder's legacy.

Management Buyout

Partnering with management teams seeking to acquire businesses from non-active owners.


Generating liquidity for owners while preserving the opportunity for a "second bite at the apple".

Corporate Divestiture

Acquiring non-core divisions from corporate entities.

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