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Our Story

Like Most Companies, We Started From Scratch

We understand what it means to start a business on a shoestring and build it into something truly great.
James Andersen Managing Partner & Founder

Founded in 1999, Clearview Capital is a private investment firm specializing in the acquisition and recapitalization of lower-middle market companies in North America. Since inception, the Clearview Capital team has completed more than 150 transactions in a wide variety of industries. The firm is headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut and has additional offices in California, North Carolina and Tennessee.

What Guides Us


Make concentrated investments in a select group of promising businesses

We commit time and capital to a limited number of situations where our expertise is well-suited to making a good company a great one.


Always invest in partnership with management

We believe in a true partnership and don't invest in securities that have a preference over management’s direct investment.


Commit personal capital alongside that of our management partners and limited partners

We believe strongly that success is preceded by financial commitment, so we seek dedicated management teams with whom we can be “all-in”.


"Do what we say we will do”

We take pride in having built a reputation for honesty, integrity and trustworthiness.


Maintain a relentless focus on growth to maximize value for all investors

We strongly favor profitable revenue growth, both organic and via acquisition, over cost cutting initiatives.


Ensure operational autonomy for management

We add value by providing financial resources, board level guidance and operational support while leaving day-to-day management where it belongs, with the operating management team.

James Donnelly
Integrity and trust are really important to Clearview. There are firms out there that are known for saying one thing and doing another. And in the case of Clearview, I’ve always felt that whatever they said they were going to do, their actions have always followed the talk.
James Donnelly Chairman of the Board, Active Day/Senior Care
Brian O'Hayre
Clearview really took the time to understand our business, they brought resources and tools into the initial discussions that others didn’t take the time or effort to do. They showed us from the beginning how our relationship would be collaborative and a true partnership.
Brian O'Hayre CEO, MBI Industrial Medicine
Doug Weiss
One of the reasons that Clearview stood out so much was that they understand culture was a big factor for us and Clearview wanted to keep the culture – they asked some really great questions and everything they said they were going to do, they did – which means a lot in this business.
Doug Weiss CEO, Belmont Partners (a division of The Barcode Group)
Declan Rushe
These are people that don’t run away from problems. They are forthcoming and helpful partners.
Declan Rushe Former CEO, QualSpec Group

Committed capital to support our growing companies.

Equity Funds

2022 | Clearview Capital Fund V $850 Million
2018 | Clearview Capital Fund IV $550 Million
2013 | Clearview Capital Fund III $325 Million
2006 | Clearview Capital Fund II $250 Million
2002 | Clearview Capital Pledge Fund $70 Million

Mezzanine Funds

2022 | Clearview Capital Mezzanine Fund II $105 Million
2018 | Clearview Capital Mezzanine Fund I $108 Million
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