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September 3, 2021


Business Services

Based in Saint Petersburg, FL, Next Net Media (“Next Net”) is a digital marketing services provider focused on search engine optimization (“SEO”) with multiple customer-facing brands. Leveraging its proprietary internal platform and investments in generative AI technology, Next Net has scaled its highly efficient fulfillment process to serve customers of all sizes, from small online stores to large enterprises as well as white-label resellers via API. In addition to delivering results-oriented SEO products, Next Net’s portfolio includes marketplaces facilitating direct engagements between freelancers and customers for outsourced support functions.

The company’s founders retain a significant equity stake and key management continues to lead the business. The investment by Clearview provides additional capital to support the company’s growth initiatives.

The platform transaction closed on September 3, 2021. Clearview invested equity from Clearview Capital Fund IV, LP and its affiliates, alongside members of Next Net Media’s management team.

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