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MBI Industrial Medicine

Provider of occupational injury care and physical therapy




December 18, 2020


Healthcare Services

Headquartered in Phoenix, AZ, MBI Industrial Medicine (“MBI”) is a leading provider of occupational injury care services in Southwestern U.S. The company serves a diverse base of employers through its integrated care model, which includes medical injury care and physical therapy rehabilitation, in addition to employment physical exams, testing and screening. MBI’s highly skilled staff of medical providers and physical therapists, investments in technology, and dedicated focus on occupational healthcare have driven very strong employer and patient satisfaction, creating opportunities for rapid growth and expansion.

The investment by Clearview allowed the company’s owners to diversify their net worth while retaining a substantial equity stake and provided other members of MBI’s management team with the opportunity to establish an equity stake in the recapitalized company, while providing additional capital to support the company’s growth initiatives.

The platform transaction closed on December 18, 2020. Clearview invested equity from Clearview Capital Fund IV, LP and its affiliates, alongside senior members of MBI’s management team.