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Hillsdale Furniture

Bedroom, dining room, occasional and accent furniture




October 15, 2003



Based in Louisville, KY, Hillsdale Furniture (“Hillsdale”) is well known for its innovative designs and ability to bring fresh ideas to market rapidly. Unlike most of its competition, Hillsdale has the ability to service furniture, mattress, specialty and mail order retailers directly from Asia, from one of its domestic warehouses or by drop shipping to a retailer’s customers.

Hillsdale was created when Clearview, in partnership with management, acquired Hillsdale House, Ltd. and Hillstreet Furniture, LLC. The transaction facilitated the combination of the two companies which had had a cooperative arrangement since the founding of Hillstreet in 1997. By creating common ownership of the two entities and allowing management to retain operational autonomy, day-to-day management control and a large equity stake, Clearview was able to assist management in improving the company’s efficiency and in positioning it for continued growth.

The platform transaction closed on October 15, 2003. Along with management, Clearview invested equity from Clearview’s Pledge Fund.

Clearview sold Hillsdale on December 21, 2012.