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October 16, 2006


Business Services

Based in Gillette, Wyoming, Hettinger Welding was well-positioned to benefit from the rapid expansion of gas exploration and production throughout the Rocky Mountain region.

Structured as an asset purchase, Clearview’s investment allowed the company founder to diversify his net worth while reinvesting a significant equity stake in the newly formed entity. Hettinger’s core management team also contributed a substantial portion of their sale proceeds into the new entity because of their strong belief in the continued growth of the company and the industry.

Clearview was chosen as the right investment partner because of our ability to provide financial guidance and strategic support to this operationally talented team. Management felt Clearview was the right choice to take the company to the next level.

The platform transaction closed on October 16, 2006. Along with management, Clearview invested equity from Clearview Capital Fund II, L.P.

Hettinger was exited in 2011 in a controlled liquidation.

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