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East Coast

East Coast Contact

Anthony J. Veith

Anthony Veith, Partner

Tel: 203-637-1608

Fax: 203-698-9194


West & Southwest

West & Southwest Contact

Anthony J. Veith

Lawrence Simon, Partner

Tel: 310-806-9555

Fax: 310-806-9556



Midwest Contact

Anthony J. Veith

Nicholas Berry, Partner

Tel: 203-698-9186

Fax: 203-698-9194


Florida & Carolinas

Florida & Carolinas Contact

Anthony J. Veith

Ariail Barker, Vice President

Tel: 704-769-3044



Gulf Region

Gulf Region Contact

Anthony J. Veith

Brice Geoffrion, Vice President

Tel: 615-208-7701


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