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The Results Companies (“Results”) is a provider of outsourced customer management solutions. The company, headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, provides customized inbound and outbound call services for customer care, sales and technical support. Results serviced Fortune 500 clients from facilities in the U.S., Latin America and the Philippines, during Clearview’s ownership.


Prior to the acquisition by Clearview, Results was 100% owned by an inactive investor and was managed by an experienced team who had overseen a period of strong growth in the business. This management team sought a recapitalization of the business to buy out the inactive owner and secure an equity stake in the business for themselves. Clearview structured a transaction to meet this objective and the management team received a transaction bonus which they then reinvested to obtain a direct equity stake in the business. In addition, Clearview created an incentive plan for the team to provide additional equity upside based on growth in the business.

Investment Date: December 2010
Investment Status: Exited November 2015
Fund Equity Invested: $11.9 million
Process Type: Auction sourced by Anthony Veith

Post Acquisitions Initiatives

Management Augmentation:

  • Recruited an experienced CFO with prior private equity experience to supplement the senior leadership team.
  • Added an experienced outsourcing executive to the Board who was formerly the President of a $300 million call center business.
  • Upgraded other leadership positions in accounting, business development, human resources and IT to support the company’s rapid growth.

Operational Improvements:

  • Invested in six additional international centers, four in the Philippines and two in Latin America, to support the increased demand for offshore service delivery.
  • Invested in two additional U.S. centers as well as a redundant data center.
  • Exceeded 10% EBITDA margin goal through economies of scale, consolidating smaller sites and acquiring site partner ownership interests.

Organic Growth:

  • Strong organic growth from existing core clients by taking share and adding additional service lines.
  • Successfully secured multiple new enterprise-level accounts with significant annual revenue potential.

Tracking Critical Metrics:

  • Improved metrics to capture profitability and utilization by client and site.
  • Established a rigorous budgeting and monthly financial review process.

Operating Results

Revenues more than doubled and EBITDA more than tripled in slightly less than five years.


Results was sold to a financial sponsor in November 2015.

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