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Active Day/Senior Care (“Active Day/Senior Care”) was the country’s largest operator of adult day care centers operating from more than 75 centers in 11 states during Clearview’s ownership. The company serves frail elderly adults, adults suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and developmentally delayed adults of all ages.


When the CEO and CFO were given the opportunity to acquire Senior Care Centers of America, Inc. (“Senior Care”) from an absentee owner, they initiated a process to find an experienced equity partner to provide the majority of the capital required as well as strategic advice to help them pursue an aggressive acquisition plan. Clearview was chosen from a small group of suitors due to experience and cultural fit.

Investment Date: December 2005
Investment Status: Exited December 2015
Fund Equity Invested: $4.7 million
Process Type: Limited Process sourced by Mathias Rumilly

Post Acquisitions Initiatives

Management Augmentation:

  • Recruited an experienced CFO to allow the current CFO to move to a full-time COO role.
  • Hired an experienced individual to build a dedicated business development function to drive acquisitions.
  • Upgraded management at the corporate (HR, accounting, compliance) and regional manager levels.

Operational Improvements:

  • Upgraded the IT system to allow better center level control.
  • Implemented tracking of critical metrics (referrals, admissions, etc.).

Organic Growth:

  • Achieved significant EBITDA growth by driving operational improvements in acquired centers.

Acquisition Growth:

  • Built a state-by-state database to determine state level attractiveness, identified all existing adult day care centers, and initiated a calling program to contact them all.
  • Completed 14 small, highly accretive acquisitions of companies with one or two centers.
  • Acquired and successfully integrated Active Day, Inc. (“Active Day”), which with 50 centers was twice the size of Senior Care.

Operating Results

Over the ten year hold period, net revenue grew nearly five-fold, while EBITDA grew almost six times. The acquisition plan was completed without the need for additional equity investment even while net debt fell to less than 1x EBITDA.


Active Day/Senior Care was sold to a financial sponsor in December 2015.

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